For Contributions from Domestic/ Indian Accounts/ Cards

Eklavya Underprivilege Education And Welfare Trust
A/c no - 34914047609 (Current Account)
IFSC - SBIN0016532
Branch Address- State Bank Of India, Sector 38, Gurgaon
MICR : 110002386

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For Contributions by Foreign Individuals/ Institutions

Eklavya Underprivilege Education And Welfare Trust
A/c no - 159711826494 (Savings Account)
IFSC - INDB0000724
Branch Address- Indusind Bank, Sector 56, Gurgaon




1) Please write a mail to / after donation, we will send you receipt through
email. First time donors need to provide scanned copy of PAN card along with address as per requirement by IT Department
2) We are registered under 80G (Order No. DELEE27891-14072017/8745 dated 14/07/2017 for AY 2017-18 onwards) and 12 A (DEL-ER26274- 14072017/7803 dated 14/07/2017 for AY 2017-18 onwards). We do not spend any amount on “administrative activities”. The trustees do not take any salary or remuneration. We disclose our income and expenses on our Facebook page ( as well as on the WhatsApp group of donors.

Thank you for your Contribution!