One of our students, Minhaaz, was enrolled in the ICSE board in FY 2017–18. He went on to secure 3rd position in his class. Remaining three students secured more than 75%. Similarly, ten of our students secured more than 90% in Vinayak Public School’s examinations.

In the final examinations of FY 2016–17, Shahid and Minhaaz stood first in their respective classes. Also, Sahil bagged the second position in his class. Most of the students enrolled in Vinayak Public School secured more than 90% marks.

Further, three of our students—Sahil, Shahid and Minhaaz—qualified for the national level of the Math Olympiad. This is heartening evidence of Eklavya’s successful efforts because they were the only three students from Vinayak Public School who made the cut for the Olympiad.

Recently, three students from Eklavya were awarded by RITES in an elocution competition during Vigilance Awareness Week.

Every day at Eklavya is special, as we watch our children transforming themselves into exceptional beings. While all our children are unique and special, some of them have shown extraordinary talent and great perseverance. These achievements have boosted the self-confidence of the children and widened their horizons. Most importantly, the children continue dreaming of a better future and in believing that they can achieve even the seemingly impossible.

Most importantly, the children continue dreaming of a better future and in believing “Yes, we can!”

RESULT  2018

Sl. No. Student Class Marks
1. Santoshi 2nd 90.40%
2. Sakir 3rd 97.40%
3. Roshan 3rd 89.70%
4. Karan 4th 96.10%
5. Shahid* 4th 80.30%
6. Deepak 4th 96.10%
7. Vibha 4th 98.90%
8. Reena 4th 98.00%
9. Amarjeet 4th 96.00%
10. Sumit 5th 94.60%
11. Anjali* 5th 80.20%
12. Vanshika 5th 94.80%
13. Aarti 5th 90.90%
14. Sahil Khan* 6th 77.00%
15. Minhaaz* 6th 89.30%
16. Md. Sahil 7th 88.10%
17. Neelam 7th 69.60%
18. Sultan 7th 85.10%
19. Rumi 7th 83.20%
20. Kheroon 8th 70.10%
21. Surjeet 8th 60.10%
22. Bittoo 9th 87.00%


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