Plan FY-2022-23

Eklavya is committed to providing quality education to underprivileged children. In the short term, we plan to amplify the scale of operations as well as make to education more structured and meaningful for our students. We intend to adopt a holistic approach in implementing the following key interventions.

A. Infrastructure and operations

  1. Increased student enrollment: We plan to enroll more children from the locality.
  2. Larger premises to accommodate growth in enrollment: Existing premises just meet our requirements. However, considering we plan to enroll more kids, we are exploring options for getting larger premises.
  3. Full time Operations Director: To oversee and support Eklavya‘s operations in a streamlined manner, we plan to on-board a full time Operations Director.
  4. Transport facility for students from distant localities: Some students come to Eklavya from distant localities. Also, some staff members find it difficult to commute to Eklavya. We intend to put in place a dedicated transport facility to cater to both teachers and students.
  5. IT laboratory: Regular computer classes are held at the center, but we also need systems and venues where our students can practice their computer lessons and where they are also introduced to new technologies. We aim to have one computer for every 15 children, and hence, need around 20 computers. Also, we intend to procure low-cost educational tablets to facilitate better learning among the children. We want to use tablets (tab-based smart classes) for conducting assessments of the children and, based on the outcomes, we will prepare individual learning plans that can be used by teachers for teaching the students.
  6. Library: We also want to establish a library with suitable books and relevant teaching resources with open access to students and teachers to facilitate learning.

B. Pedagogy-related developments

  1. Curriculum research and development: We plan to develop more structured and effective teaching tools and curricula for Eklavya students.
  2. Teachers’ training program: A specialized program to train existing and new teachers on improved methods and digital tools/resources for teaching will be introduced. Some of the teachers have already been trained. We plan to leverage the expertise of experienced teachers in up-skilling our other teachers.
  3. Vocational and skill development: Short courses on skill development for children in various sectors will be developed and imparted at Eklavya. For example, we will evaluate the feasibility of training older girls for jobs such as beautician, tailor, etc.
  4. Formal music and creative arts: We plan to buy musical instruments for the children so that they can practise during and after their music classes. We also plan to on-board few music and dance teachers.

C. Sports and extracurricular facilities

  1. Organize Tournaments: We plan to continue our association with IIT Delhi and organize more sports tournaments for kids from different NGOs. We initially plan to focus on football but intend to include cricket during later stages.
  2. Development of sports facilities: We intend to move to larger premises with enough space and facilities for indoor games for our students. We are planning to select two coaches who can train the kids. Also, we plan to take sports ground on rent so that the kids can properly practise sports.
  3. Educational trips: We plan to build upon the existing practice of taking children for educational trips to nearby botanical gardens, zoos, national parks, etc.
  4. Self-defence training for girls; yoga and meditation classes for children
  5. Workshops: We plan to hold workshops on health, hygiene, sex education, effective communication, sexual abuse, drug abuse, positive thinking, etc., on a regular basis.
  6. Health camps and related workshops: Here, the children‘s physical and mental fitness will be assessed and an understanding of personal hygiene and well-being will be inculcated.

D. Child support and nurturing talent

  1. Supporting formal education of 50 kids: We plan to enroll 50 kids in formal English medium schools.
  2. Sending selected students for higher education coaching/training: At Eklavya, we nurture children through education and we ensure that bright, talented and ambitious children are exposed to adequate training and opportunities. We want to support some of our brightest children through sponsored coaching for competitive examinations. We had sent two students to Kota for attending such classes and we want to send more students in coming years. Also, we plan to focus on preparing students for the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), and Mathematics and Science Olympiads.
  3. Child mentorship program: We want to fully rollout a large-scale mentorship program for our children (currently being run as a pilot) so that they receive close guidance. We believe that this will enable them to move in the right direction and achieve their dreams.
  4. Under Project Drona, we want to undertake the following:
    1. Increase outreach to around 1,000 underprivileged students
    2. On-board and engage 50 online teaching volunteers\
    3. Develop specialized programs to be delivered digitally around the following areas:
      • Basic literacy module for illiterate women/youth
      • Digital literacy training for children and youth for better employability
      • Female health and hygiene