Project DRONA


Project Drona was conceived as a special project in FY16–17 by Eklavya Trust to connect online teaching volunteer communities globally with underprivileged schools across India.

Project Drona has connected 10 schools for underprivileged children with 20 online volunteers. So far, about 200 students have benefitted. The project currently has the following components:

  • Personality development, communication and life-skills coaching

This component of Project Drona helps the children to develop their personality and improve their command over the English language through dedicated educators who guide the students and help them in understanding their strengths and weaknesses. We cover subjects and issues that are relevant to the children but are not covered in the formal school curriculum. These include health and sanitation, sex education, spoken English and personality development, positive thinking, motivation, navigating bad influences, career counselling, drug abuse and mentoring, moral values, etc.

  • Curriculum-focused coaching

Maths and science classes are conducted by the educators with the help of the online learning portal which has specific topic-wise content material. It helps in the analysis of the students’ understanding of concepts and aids in developing customized learning plans. The portal also provides scope for the individual assessment of every student.

  • Mentorship program

This component comprises one-on-one online discussions between mentor and mentee on various challenges faced by students in their surroundings, including the school and family environment. In addition, the child’s specific needs, dreams and aspirations are identified and discussed through interactions between the mentor and the student’s parent, local guardian, etconline live sessions using custom created content for the underprivileged.